The Company


S.O.L. Food and Concepts GmbH offers as competent and reliable partner solutions for the international and national food and beverage industry.


S.O.L. offers in the section ‚Food‘  representation and agency services, import / export and market development in Europe for clients of the European food industry, in particular in the sweetener and sugar industry.


S.O.L. offers in the section ‚Concepts‘ strategic business consulting, business development projects, initiation of business transactions and the establishment of joint ventures.


S.O.L. delivers specific problem solutions for the regulated and deregulated markets of the food industry.


S.O.L. has for the initiation of business transactions a strong and resilient network to relevant decision-makers in the food industry.


S.O.L.  is partner of Cristalco S.A. for the German, Austrian and Southeast European market.





Markets and Industries of S.O.L. Food and Concepts GmbH


  • Sweeteners of all kinds: Sucrose, glucose, isoglucose, fructose and stevia
  • Starch and animal feed
  • Basic foods: flour, sugar, milk and salt
  • Beverage industry: soft drink manufacturers, breweries
  • Confectionery industry: chocolate
  • Organic industry: dry assortment
  • Spices - salt





Stefan Lücke, Managing Director


Stefan Lücke, Managing Director


20 years of management experience


Pfeifer & Langen GmbH & Co.KG,

SZR Spezialzuckerraffinerie GmbH & Co.KG

Various organic companies



EU especially Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, France

and Italy

USA, Canada, Central and South America


Areas of Expertise:


Food products, agricultural products, sweeteners (sugar, glucose, isoglucose, stevia, fructose) basic foods milk, flour, salt


  • Development and implementation of strategies for revenue growth in regulated markets as well as in an intensely competitive environment

  • Profit improvements through an increased sales efficiency and cost savings through optimised logistics processes

  • Tapping into and development of raw material sources for food products

  • Establishment and development of trade, sales and logistics companies, both nationally and internationally

Consultant Personality:

Combines strategic thinking and action with pragmatism and hands-on mentality

  • Strong acquisition and negotiation skills

  • Pronounced international flair


Partner Cristalco – Sales Organisation of Cristal Union - Sugar


  • Market leader in France
  • Sells 1.5 million tonnes of sugar / year
  • At 5th position in the European sugar market


Sugar for the processing industry                   Sugar for end consumers



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